Bouquet of natural aromas and flavours

Beauty of Poltava region, its picturesque nature and boundless flower fields inspired us to create a new design of Dykanka sunflower oil.

Our 18-year- manufacturing -experience, modern technologies, the use of high quality raw materials cultivated on the healthy organic lands of Poltava region allowed to create a product with bright taste and matchless aroma.

Unique taste of Dykanka oil makes it a feature of Poltava region because sunflower is a traditional flower of our land!

We strive to meet the needs of consumers as much as possible, we care about the composition of our products.

That's why we offer
two types of oil:

For frying
The first one is for frying. It has a neutral taste and is ideal for preparing hot dishes.

The flower motifs of Poltava region depicted on the bottle symbolize a bunch of natural aromas and flavours of Dykanka oil.

The perfect bottle shape makes it comfortable in everyday use

Для смаження
Для смаження

For salads
The second one is for salads. It has absorbed bright taste and rich vitamin composition.

Partially matte packaging surface ensures avoiding direct sunlight, which extends the shelf life of useful substances.

For salads

First grade winterized (pressed) unrefined sunflower oil. Dykanka unrefined sunflower oil is recommended to be used for fresh vegetable salads, cold dishes and sauces.

  • The pronounced pleasant taste and flavour of sunflower seeds
  • Saturated natural colour
  • Natural source of vitamins E, D, A, and F (Omega-3 and Omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids)
  • Special technology of sunflower seed processing which ensures preserving all the nutrients

For frying

Sunflower oil refined deodorized winterized brand “P”. We recommend to use Dykanka refined oil for heating, baking, frying and steaming.

  • High-quality oil of the highest purification degree
  • It has neutral aroma and light oil taste which preserves taste of the product
  • Does not foaming, does not smoke and does not darken at high temperatures
  • It guarantees uniformly frying without burning

The benefits of sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is one of the most common vegetable fats used in cooking. However, this product is not only used as an ingredient for salads, but also has amazing healing properties that can improve the health and promote rejuvenation and cleaning out our systems.

The nutrition and digestibility of sunflower oil exceed the same properties of other vegetable oils It consists of valuable for the body nutrients and vitamins, such as:

Omega - 3 Omega - 6

The human body can not synthesize them on it’s own. They help to utilize excess cholesterol, protect the blood vessel walls and the heart, have a beneficial effect on the skin and hair condition, and also help to prolong the youth of our body.

Vitamin E (tocopherol)

Protects cells from aging, improves immunity, stimulates the processes of tissue regeneration. Preserves beauty and youth. This vitamin is especially important for women, children and people engaged in sports

Vitamin D

It is particularly necessary for the baby body, because it promotes the formation of healthy and durable bones

Minerals, magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium, iodine

These chemical elements are part of many tissues, take part in haematopoiesis and metabolism

Amino acids

They are a raw material for the synthesis important protein substances


It Is the source of vitamin A, responsible for body development and eyesight


They are a structural unit of the cell wall, take part in the metabolism of fats and contribute to the “dissolution” of cholesterol, while preventing the formation of atherosclerotic plaques


UKROLIYA LLC guarantees that the quality and safety of finished products meet all state and international rules and regulations, due to the introduction of the integrated food safety management system and based on the standards of ISO 22000 and ISO 9001. The enterprise management system guarantees the quality and safety of products throughout the chain of production before being delivered to the end user.

Production laboratory of UKROLIYA LLC regularly performs operational control of products at all stages of the technological process: from input control of raw materials, ingredients, packaging materials to finished products


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